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From the ashes of a once great civilization laid waste, a new republic has risen.

Lightbenders, beings with special gifts, walk among us but the flaws of the human condition remain. As local tribes and slavers struggle for regional control in a lawless and often brutal new American frontier, the creeping shadow of an even greater threat looms.

Written by: Robert Reichert & Scott Reichert
Pencils by: William Reyes
Colors & letters by: Robert Reichert

A macabre horror/mystery about a young man named Zachariah Thorn who inadvertently re-awakens the forces of darkness in our realm. When he discovers he is the decendent of an ancient and powerful dark mystic, Zach must take it upon himself to banish the evil he has summoned.

Written by: Scott Reichert
Pencils by: Bonkz Seriosa
Colors & letters by: Robert Reichert

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