Top 5 Trilogies for Nerds: #4


Hey there nerds and nerdettes. Today we reveal #4 in our count down of the Top 5 Trilogies for Nerds. The movie trilogies included in this list all hold special places in our nerdy, bespectacled, asthma inhaler puffing hearts, but only one can be crowned champion…

4) Indiana Jones

BUM BAH-BUM BUM, BUM BAH-BUM When you hear the music the hairs on your arms stand up and you know it’s time for an adventure. The Indiana Jones trilogy is a throw back to the days of old Hollywood with Harrison Ford filling in for Errol Flynn. The wonderful iconogtaphy and one of cinema’s most dashing heroes makes this entry hard to argue with.

Strongest entry: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Like Back to the Future part I, Raiders of the Lost Ark is the first and best entry in the series, even if the Big Bang Theory may have ruined it for some.

Weakest entry: The Temple of Doom

Adding an annoying sidekick for comic effect doesn’t really hold up when you consider the 3rd installment you get Sean FREAKING Connery!

Please note, we here at Indigo Comics consider Kingdom of The Crystal Skull to be an abomination an thus deem it to NOT be canon keeping Indiana Jones a trilogy in spite the fact 4 movies were created in the series.

Feel free to sound off in the comments section below. Also, be sure to tune in next week to find out what #3 will be in our Top 5 Trilogies for Nerds!

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