The Union 006


A huge thank you to all who are reading along! The Union is a labor of love and may come in starts and stops, but it is a story I intend to tell for a long time to come. Our goal at Indigo Comics is always first and foremost to "have fun making comics" and in that spirit we strive to make comics like those that inspired us growing up. I loved classic 80's and early 90's superhero comics, and miss the days of epic long term plotlines that didn't have to pay off at the end of the latest "event." So expect a lot of world building, factions, characters and locations to come... starting with the next chapter which is previewed below. In the next chapter we turn our attention to The Nation, a contemporary state to The Union, and home to a host of new characters who have just received some interesting and disturbing information.

Thanks again for reading!

- Rob

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