We Love Your Work #8: Austin Hamblin


Hey there fellow comic book nerds and nerdettes! Welcome to We Love Your Work, where we spotlight creators, writers, and artist we admire. We will discuss their work, careers, and share personal stories.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with independent writer/creator Austin Hamblin. Austin is a prolific creator and writer with many indie credits to his name. He is the creator behind The Adventures of Punk and Rock and more of his work can be found at www.hamblincomics.com.  Check our conversation below…

AH3What is the story behind your introduction to the “arts”? Were you encouraged at a young age by family? Is there something that stands out in your mind as an early inspiration?

You know I don’t have a great answer for this. I have always had a large imagination. I never played with toy cars as a kid I was always into creatures or toys of people. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, GI Joe etc. I would make stories with my toys then one day I just decided to write them down and I haven’t looked back since.

Who are your greatest influences when it comes to your writing style?

I have a few which come to mind, but I don’t want to name them because I don’t want the world blaming them for me creating. I would have to say Mark Millar he had his run on characters he didn’t own, but mostly creates his own stuff. Robert Kirkman is another one, the biggest I would have to say is Todd McFarlane who I look up to a ton.

Is there anything in particular that you find inspires or informs your work? (e.g. authors, books, music, films, architecture)

Mostly talking to myself saying “wouldn’t that be cool” or things running through my head before I fall asleep.

Is there something you can tell us about your process that is unique to you? (e.g. materials, tools, software)

I guess I might say my journal. I write in my journal everyday. Sometimes its outlines, story ideas, daily entries, reviews, anything I feel I have to get out of my head and on to paper.

You have many works to which your name is accredited. Is there a particular project that you consider to be your flagship? How did the idea behind that project come about?

I would say its The Adventures of Punk and Rock with artist Scott Twells and Dario Reyes putAH1ting word balloons on. Currently we have 4 issues out and the fifth is being drawn with a graphic novel to follow. The story follows the two title characters Punk and Rock who are two screw up bounty hunters who will do anything for money along with a third main character the narrator who is a snarky asshole who only narrates the comic so he can pay alimony to his ex wife. Each issue is a different self contained adventure.

You publish your work digitally, what led you to choose that path?

I self publish my stuff and sell it at cons, but the advantage of putting things online is that the world can see. More people can read my stuff, stalk me, or even most likely tell me they hate me.

If you could see any artist, living or dead, create art based on any comic character of your choice, who would that artist be and what character would you choose?

I would kill to see Jeff Lemire write and draw a Ninja Turtles book!

Is there a project that sits on your back burner that you wish you had more time for or perhaps an idea for a project whose full scope you’ve yet to be able to map out?

I have an entire folder on my laptop full of ideas and a binder called “the crank files” filled with random character ideas.

What are some themes that you would like to have the opportunity to explore in future projects?

More serious matters like the meaning of life, corrupt government, things of that nature.

If you could choose 5 people, living or dead, fictional or nonfictional, to be on your side in a bar fight, who would they be?

Macho Man Randy Savage, Black Beard, a Go-Bot, Gary Busey, and John Wayne Gacey.AH2



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