Top 5 Trilogies for Nerds: #5


Hey there comic book nerds and nerdettes! Today we reveal #5 in our count down of the Top 5 Trilogies for Nerds. The movie trilogies included in this list all hold special places in our nerdy, bespectacled, asthma inhaler puffing hearts, but only one can be crowned champion…

5) Back to the Future

The Back to the Future trilogy is perhaps one of the most underated of all time.  Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are perfectly cast in their respective roles and never make the mistake of taking themselves too seriously. Above all, the Back to the Future trilogy is fun and if you catch a marathon running in the middle of the day on cable, you can pretty much guarantee that is what you will be doing for the next 4-6 hours of your life.

Strongest entry: Back to the Future: part I

In the case of Back to the Future the first cut is the deepest. With wonderful supporting players and one of the best moments of the bad guy getting his comeuppance (Get your damn hands off her!), the original Back to the Future stands as the best.

Weakest entry: Back to the Future: part II

BTTF III recaptures much of the fun of the first installment and tells the story of Doc finding his true love which puts it ahead of BTTF II which is sadly a little too dark an ultimately the most skipable of the three.

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