Indigo Comics at Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Part. 2

September 30th, 2015 | By: Robert Reichert

This is Part. 2 of our post about Baltimore Comic Con. Click here to read Part. 1

The elephant (though not literally as far as I saw, but I’m sure i missed some of the traffic) in the room at BCC was the Cosplayers. Certainly at this point it can be argued that this contingent of con goers are greatly subsidizing the events themselves. I think it would be a fair estimate that at least 40-50% of tickets sold were either to cosplayers themselves, or to attendees whose primary goal was to see and interact with these cosplayers. What this says for the future of cons, I can’t say, but while it certainly makes them more colorful and exciting, it is worrisome that it may distract from the vendors and artists who are also at the backbone of these events.

With that said, we weren’t without some of our favorite cosplayers in-tow, check out the images below:

Maybe this was beginners luck, or just in general the type of goodwill exhibitors at cons experience, but we were overwhelmed but the positivity of the interactions with attendees. Many other exhibitors echoed this sentiment, most actually attributing it to the Baltimore Con specifically. Having no basis for comparison, let’s just say we were grateful and cannot wait to exhibit again!

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